96-yr Old Albert Hofmann, Jonathan Ott On Consciousness & Mystical Experience [2002]


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From 'Hofmann's Potion' https://youtu.be/DqPgfRenX80
Albert Hofmann: "I think that the possibility to have psychedelic experience is inborn. These psychedelics - very similar compounds are in our brain; of all the compounds which you find in the plant kingdom only the psychedelics are so closely related chemically to these brain factors, which we already have. We speak about the paradise of childhood. When I had this vision and beautiful experience as a child, this is no wonder, because we have these compounds already in our brain."

Myron Stolaroff: "I feel very indebted to Albert Hoffman for inventing LSD. After my first LSD-experience I claimed that this was the greatest discovery that man had ever made, because after all the human mind is the most important attribute we have, and this lets us understand our mind and the enormous potential of mind."

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