AYA2014 - Lucille Villaseñor. Multiple Sclerosis Healing Journey With Transpersonal Therapy

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Supporting the Multiple Sclerosis Healing Journey with transpersonal Therapy: An Autoethnographic Reflection and Analysis of an Ancient Amazonian Shamanic Transpersonal Wisdom’s Transformative Healing Abilities

Lucille Villaseñor-Caron, Happiness & Wellness Professional, Therapist and Facilitator (M.S.W., R.S.W. Psychotherapist, R.Y.T.)

This thesis is an autoethnography that provides a thick description, analysis and reflection of my personal Multiple Sclerosis healing journey, supported by a transpersonal modality based on an ancient shamanic wisdom of the Amazon. Since Ayahuasca is a spiritual botanical mixture that has been used for centuries by indigenous peoples in the Amazonian region for healing rituals and medicinal purposes, I chose to explore this transpersonal therapeutic modality as a means of supporting my healing through a facilitated process of individuation. The transpersonal process supported a transcendence of the mind and in connecting with my spiritual nature as a means of healing the mind-body connection of dis-ease by moving closer towards my authentic Self. The transpersonal benefits facilitated by Ayahuasca showed to be a liberating process that allowed me to heal and to be a more efficient social worker as I experienced an increased awareness of the interconnectedness of the personal healing process and that of humanity and Mother Earth. The overall intent of sharing my experience is particularly aimed at inspiring and providing hope to others living with the uncertainty of this dis-ease within the normative biomedical healthcare model, to realize that they too can reclaim their voice, empower themselves and heal by embarking on their personal healing journey.

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