AYA2014 - Roy Haber. Legal Status Of Religious Use Ayahuasca


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Roy S. Haber, J.D., Roy S. Haber PC Attorney at Law

In 2008, a federal district court in the United States issued the first and only permanent injunction ever in the United States ordering the Attorney General of the United States to cease ”prohibiting the Santo Daime from importation, storage, distribution and use of the Daime Tea for religious ceremonies.” Roy Haber will discuss his representing the Santo Daime for 15 years and how he navigated this case to victory. He is currently representing several of the more prominent Peruvian Shamans and American maestros in an attempt to protect their ”churches” from government intrusion. Dennis Mckenna, Luis Eduard Luna and others who are present here are part of the team that defeated the United States despite its vast resources. The Ayahusca Conference 2014 Agenda reveals presentations by experts in ethnobotany, anthropology, pharmacology, drug policy and psychiatry to name a few. Haber will discuss how best to use the existing science to prevail in Court. The governmentsʼ scientific and drug policy presentations were flawed. Why then is it not free in more places. Briefly discuss the Inquisition as the cause of its being illegal which led to drug control laws and huge agenciesand institutions that spend billions of dollars on the war on drugs. We have cracked open the DEAʼs illusory justifications for continuing the myth that the Mother Plant is dangerous to public health. My job has been to make this all very real to an Anglo judge with myopic views on religion. We have learned how to expose the bad guys unreliable scientific opinions and emphasize the righteousness of this cause.Will discuss the Religious Freedom Restoration act that puts the burden on the government to prove that the tea is likely to cause public health risks. Discuss how to use the correct rhetoric when providing scientific opinions about the Mother plant. Discuss acceptable risk. Risk is very important to scientific human health studies. Will focus on how experts should discuss the absence of risk data of any short of long term ill health effects. Will discuss up to the minute activities going on with the DEA and where the agency seems to be placing its emphasis and current strategy. There is a new legal paradigm that we are developing which transmutes science, law, and religion into a weapon for elevating the spiritual and human condition on the planet.

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