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Suely Mizumoto (Presenter), M.A. in Psychology, Federal University of São Paulo (UNIFESP), Brazil; Dartiu Xavier da Silveira, Medical School, Federal University of São Paulo (UNIFESP), Brazil; Paulo César Ribeiro Barbosa, State Univesrity of Santa Cruz, Brazil; Rick J Strassman, Department of Psychiatry, University of New Mexico School of Medicine, Cottonwood Research Foundation, USA.

Background: There is a growing scientific interest in the effects of hallucinogens in general and the religious use of psychoactive brew ayahuasca in Brazil in particular. However, there is not yet a standard instrument used in Brazil to evaluate the effects of hallucinogens. The Hallucinogen Rating Scale (HRS) is a questionnaire widely used in the U.S. and Europe to evaluate the effects of several psychoactive substances, including hallucinogens. Objective: To translate and adapt the HRS to Brazilian Portuguese. Method: We followed three steps: 1) the authors of the article translated the HRS into Portuguese, in order to establish an initial version; 2) two independent translators back-translated this version into English; 3) a revision committee produced a final version of the Brazilian Portuguese version. This final version was developed comparing the initial translations and backtranslations, through a dialogic process with the author of the instrument. Results: A final Portuguese version of the HRS, following the guidelines for semantic and conceptual equivalence between English and Portuguese to describe hallucinogen-induced subjective states. Discussion: A Brazilian version of the HRS – an instrument widely used throughout the world to quantify effects of psychoactive drugs – provides a sensitive instrument for evaluation of the effects of hallucinogenic substances in Brazil. Also, the statistical analysis is in progress, consequently there is the possibility to present some of the preliminary data regarding the psychometric validation at the time of the Congress.

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