AYA2014- Tania Re. Analysis Of The Material & Immaterial Elements In The Healing Places: Mayantuyacu

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Analysis of the material and immaterial elements in the healing places: the case of Mayantuyacu in Peruvian Amazon Forest.
By: Tania Re. Psychologist – Medical Anthropologist. Unesco Chair Anthropology of Health – Biosphere and systems of care at the University of Genoa.

Right from the most distant prehistoric sites of care and healing were identified for a particular energy and environmental shape . The sensitivity towards nature , plants , rocks , exposure to light or in the dark of night shelters , areas of plant growth , it was always a crucial aspect in the identification and selection of suitable topos energy to medical care. The place is already a part of the therapy.
Somehow the emergence of modern medicine and the indifferent localization of the sites linked to the planning of care therapies and the undifferentiated urbanization , has in fact neglected , apart from a few isolated cases , this aspect of the cultures of health.
In this historical moment in which western medicine and are trying ethnomedicine a common approach to medical science by exchanging knowledge and experiences , is there space to bring greater awareness to the relationship between the care , the environment and knowledge –old
The research
The research project involves a multidisciplinary team of anthropologists, physicists, chemists, ethnobotanical, architects and medical doctors and its primary objective is the analysis of places of healing and the processes that have in place.
In particular, in it was analyzed Mayantuyacu, a healing center located in the Peruvian Amazon where the ancient art of healing ashanika is set.
Mayantuyacu is situated on the bank of a river with thermal water at 100 ° flowing in the middle of the forest. Around the central Maloca, where is the common life, were built to accommodate malocas other people who come to Mayantuyacu to know and to seek treatment from knowing millennial ashanika and properties of thousands of plants including plants teacher.
We analyzed the following elements: water, music (icaros), teacher plants, ceremonial architectures (malocas) involved during the healing ceremonies and their impact on different species (plants, animals and humans).
Particularly we analysed the following elements :
3. Music
4. Teaching Plants
The co-presence of several areas ensures the necessary dialogue between knowledge to fully preserve the tangible and intangible heritage and acquiring knowledge about ancient healing process and innovative consciousness aspects involved in them.

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