AYA2014 - Victoria Sinclair. The Cosmic Serpent Meets The Rainbow Serpent


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The Cosmic Serpent Meets the Rainbow Serpent: Explorations into Ayahuasca Use as a Catalyst to Enhanced Access to Transpersonal Domains and its Relation to Reawakening Knowledge of Native Science

Victoria Sinclair, Master, Personal Development Foundation and Middlesex University

Introduction: An overview of findings of research looking at correlaton between insights gained from ayahuasca use and concepts of consciousness, nature and spirituality found in Australian (ab)Original Native Science and IKS (Indigenous Knowledge Systems). Bob Randal, an Original Elder explains that Kanyini, the 4 dimensions of Original life are made up of Tjukrrpa – Creation Period/Dreamtime, Kururipa – Spirit, soul, psyche, Walytja – Family Worship, and Ngura -Land, home, space, Mother (including pre-birth communication). All of existence is based in totemistic systems – time is absolute- there is no linear time (in common to the beliefs of many African tribes).If plant medicines like ayahuasca are capable of taking us back to a more intrinsically connected state surely there may be a tangible link to be made between Australian Original viewpointsof consciousness, nature and spirituality and those of persons who take ayahuasca. Methods: This qualitiative study has gained its main body of data through coding interviews using Grounded Theory principles with participants in the Americas, Europe and Australia comprising a cross-section of ‘novicesʼ, long term users, prominent entheogenists and practitioners made between late 2013 and mid 2014. The dissection points have been concepts of time, matter, space, relation to nature and land, death, family and the spirit world This has then be applied to a study of Original consciousness and spirituality amongst groups of Original elders and custodians of the ancient ʼloreʼ during 5 monthsof ethnographic field work in Australia. Results: Fieldwork is still underway but already findings show that ayahuasca use broadens worldviews and transpersonal domains in a way similar to the “ways of seeing” of Original cultures. There is also evidence that ayahuasca use can assist Original people to re-engage with the Dreaming and toalleviate cultural trauma. Ayahuasca has proved to be beneficial to users in awakening relationship to nature, cosmovision and spirituality, and to alleviate cultural and body traumas for not just non-indigenous groups but also for Origine groups. Possible Derived Lines of Research: Future interdisciplinary works to deepen engagement with Native Science in the fields of postcolonial studies and transpersonal ecopsychology. Further study on the benefits of working with ayahuasca in cases of collective cultural trauma for both non-indigenous and Original groups.

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