AYA2014 - Wilson Gonzaga. Ayahuasca And The Homeless (portugese)


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Wilson Gonzaga, M.D, Psychiatrist, Director of the Hermes Institute for Human Transformation, Business Consultant, Manaus, Brazil.

It is important to say that currently Brazilian law permits the use of ayahuasca, as long as it is part of a ritual with religious purposes. I got to know Ayahuasca 32 years ago. As a person, I felt enchanted by it, as a psychiatrist, I realized I had found a powerful tool. I sought, in Hermetic Science, the light at the end of the tunnel and there it was. The second Hermetic Principle, the principle of correspondence, says: "As above, so below; as below, so above." This hermetic truth is the theoretical basis for all our work with drug users, in particular for the work reported here. Let’s imagine the musical scale. For all we know, it consists of only seven notes. But the question is: are there really only these seven notes? The most obvious answer would be “Yes!” However, within a theoretically infinite range, we know we can only perceive those frequencies our human ear allows us to. But there are several Cs and various Bs. Based on this principle we realized that transcendence is the same “note” as drunkenness only an octave above. The drunk and the transcendent, the drugged and the magician live at the same address. Nevertheless, while one inhabits the basement of the building, sharing his home with rats and cockroaches, the other lives on the top floor with a beautiful view of the sea. If we assume that this is true, and I am convinced that it is, then our job is to create an elevator that takes us from the basement to the penthouse. This lift exists, and it is called Ayahuasca.

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