Ayahuasca Workshop: Ethnobotany, Safety, and Expansion - Part 5/5

Ayahuasca Workshop: Ethnobotany, Safety, and Expansion - Part 5/5


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This presentation is based on a heuristic research study of North American women who participated in ayahuasca ceremonies within the tradition of vegetalismo in Peru, Canada and the USA. It explores how ayahuasca and other Amazonian plant teachers can heal women's sexual trauma as well as the potential for women to be sexually harmed by healers in ayahausca ceremonies. Participants stated that they experienced physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing that was intimately interwoven with past sexual trauma. On the other hand, my subjects also reported the occurrence of being re-traumatized in ayahuasca ceremonies, ie. healers sexually assaulting women, or using their power over them. Shamanism can be viewed as a path of power and both within South and North America there is rarely a system of accountability; sexual assaults may not be reported to the authorities for various reasons. This presentation will highlight the complexity of cross-cultural pollination of ethical ideologies between North and South America and how the expansive interest in ayahausca requires a new level of awareness through honest dialogue and diligent education for all parties involved.

Yalila Espinoza is a sexual/spiritual counselor who received a PhD in East-West Psychology and a Spiritual Counseling degree at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco. Yalila offers Erotic Intelligence groups in California and British Columbia, Canada and co-facilitates a 13 Moon Women's Initiation group in Northern California. She is currently writing a book titled: 'Celebrating Your Erotic Intelligence: Revitalization with Sacred Plant Teachers' focused on how the purification and guidance of plant teachers are vital for erotic health and liberation.
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