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In the United States, the film awards season runs from November to February. So, before the period ends, we reveal the nominees in the Best Picture category for the Homegrown Academy Awards of 2020.

First up is the comedy-drama Humboldt Gump, named after the eponymous, lovable hero of the movie. The very mention of the title quickly brings to mind the California County famous for its more than 40 years of illustrious cannabis industry. Loved in 420 communities worldwide, its famous line, “Life is like a box of Chocolopes, you never know which phenos you’re going to get.” was an instant hit to pot growers. This energetic strain also explains how the incredible weedist managed to run endlessly, teaching ganja consumers that anything is possible with the right marijuana variant.

Our second nominee, Apocalypse Later, is an American epic war film about the hair-raising mission to eliminate a rogue US Army Special Forces officer. Bloodcurdling encounters between the crew seeking out the soldier and his renegade army glued the eyes of moviegoers to the big screen.

Besides the scenes, the simple yet impactful script made the motion picture riveting. One of the lines that stuck the most was when the lieutenant colonel said, “I love the smell of Strawberry Cough in the morning.” Although the movie is fictional, that line about the popular wake and bake strain is pure fact.

The psychological thriller Toker, on the other hand, is unlike any cannabis films shown before. It has a profound air of intrigue, which is what initially piqued the interest and drove moviegoers to the cinema. What kept the audience coming and becoming larger, however, is its portrayal of the 420 world that made the titular character. Let’s not forget the staircase dance scene -- the defining moment of the film when the man became Toker.

We conclude this year’s lineup with A Homegrown Love Story. The herbal romance film narrates a complicated love triangle that revolves around a flowering cannabis longing for proper plant care, her grower stuck somewhere far away, and another eager to give the nurturing she needs. As the plot thickens and the friendship between cultivators is tested, the audience is kept on the edge of their seat, holding their breath until one finally wins the flora’s buds.

Homegrown Academy Awards honors the extraordinary cannabis-oriented films of the past year. As always, they aim for diversity, selecting movies from various genres that appeal to different types of marijuana enthusiasts. Think you know who will bag the Best Picture prize this year? Let us know what your #Homegrown prediction is!

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