MDMA's Neurotoxicity: What the Research Shows & How to Reduce Your Risk


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The neurotoxicity of 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA) has been a controversial topic for decades. Even though a lot of research has been published, we still don't fully understand what the harm potential is. As it currently stands, there's good evidence for serotonergic dysfunction (not necessarily neurotoxicity) with heavy use.

A lot of problems exist with the literature. Despite that, animal and human results suggest heavy use (total use and/or frequency) is likely connected to some form of serotonergic disruption and potentially toxicity.

There's reason to believe certain behaviors and supplements may be able to reduce the risk.

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03:43 - Main claims about MDMA's effects

04:24 - Animal research

06:02 - Examining the different interpretations of the animal research

07:57 - Looking at whether MDMA is actually "neurotoxic"

11:18 - Human research

13:40 - How MDMA might be causing dysfunction

18:11 - What you can do to reduce your risk


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