New Narratives & Cultural Frameworks for Healing Trauma - Mellody Hayes, M.D.

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Psychedelic Science Summit: Austin, Texas (November 1-3, 2019)

Speaker: Mellody Hayes, M.D.

Let’s democratize the experience of freedom and liberation. Class, race, and gender may impact a person’s experience of suffering and are also important point of leverage for empowered healing. How can the clinical process be used to liberate people from the cycle of trauma? What frameworks exist to support movement towards wholeness, safety, and security and to create new narratives which birth new realities? Transformational medicine, as offered through psychedelics, can create access to emotional liberation, thereby increasing our will to increase social justice and ultimately health equity.

Mellody Hayes is a physician-writer and public speaker who trained in Sociology at Harvard College before training as a physician and anesthesiologist at UCSF. Known for her heart-centered, powerful public speaking, her writing, speaking, coaching, and work in palliative care serves to encourage us to develop a better relationship to human suffering, be it anxiety, depression, pain, or end-of-life crisis. She believes that each person has a story of possibility, even in the presence of great pain, to be discovered that is part of their personal medicine.

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