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National Geographic: Super Weed (12-07-2009)

Documentary revealing the science of marijuana, a plant containing 400 active chemicals and compounds that is one of the most widely-used illicit drugs in the world. Despite marijuana being illegal in most countries, the widely used drug is considered by scientists to be one of our most interesting plants.
From famous musicians such as Bob Marley to great artists and even the odd leading politician or two, marijuana is one of the most widely-used illicit drugs in the world. In most countries, the plant is illegal and branded a danger to society, though other governments and law enforcers seem happy to look the other way.

This documentary examines the science of this controversial drug. Experts reveal that it is one of the most complex species in the plant kingdom, containing over 400 active chemicals and compounds.

In the United States, the government places it in the same category as heroin and, in the state of California, the marijuana trade out-paces the entire wine industry.

But what is the truth about the drug? Can it cause mental illness? Are there really any medicinal benefits? Is it too dangerous to be legalised? National Geographic Channel attempts to separate fact from fiction in this in-depth documentary.
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