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The global drug war has been waged for 50 years without success.

It has proved unable to reduce drug consumption, but it undermines security and development, fuels the HIV epidemic, undermines human rights, promotes stigma and discrimination, creates crime, causes environmental pollution, and leads to the wasting of millions of dollars on law enforcement.

The real beneficiaries, are the criminal organisations which share the more than 400 billion USD market in illicit drugs.

The Rights Reporter Foundation strives to educate the public about the failure of the war on drugs - and its alternatives that work.

Our website, the Drugreporter, is a leading news resource in drug policy reform - with hundreds of articles and reports from the frontlines of the war on drugs. In addition, we host a scientific blog and a Russian language video blog.

We cooperate with other European NGOs, coordinating joint campaigns to educate the public and to change policies.  

We consult with decision-makers to promote policies based on evidence and human rights.

We produce hundreds of online advocacy movies which mobilise people and promote human rights. We have been building an online movie database from these videos on Drugreporter.  

Our videos are watched by millions of people worldwide.

Video-sharing websites and social media allow us to amplify the voice of those fighting for drug policy reform.

We produce video chronicles of the harm reduction movement.

We report from key drug policy decision-making forums like the UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs.

We put the inconvenient questions that journalists would not dare to ask.

Our videos can make these bodies transparent and accountable.

We also train fellow activists in video advocacy so they can produce videos on their own. From these activists, we have created a global network of videographers.

In order to continue our work to reform drug policies and fight for human rights, we need YOUR support - please make a donation today on Global Giving!

A contribution of $15 US will pay for a battery, $100 for a hard drive to store footage,
a plane ticket for $250, or a camera for $3000 - it’s up to you!

Help us caption & translate this video!

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Guerra a las drogas

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