Updates on Psychedelic Research from Heffter Research Institute

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Psychedelic Science Summit: Austin, Texas (November 1-3, 2019)

Speaker: George Greer, M.D.

The Heffter Research Institute has been focused on psilocybin research for almost 20 years. Three years ago, two studies of psilocybin treatment for emotional distress in cancer patients were published, leading to the Usona Institute creating a Phase 3 project to attain FDA approval for psilocybin treatment of depression. Since then, Heffter has been involved in expanding psilocybin treatment research to other conditions, including addictions to tobacco, alcohol, cocaine, and opioids; depression; demoralization from AIDS, and obsessive-compulsive disorder; as well as the effects of psilocybin in long-term meditators. The current status of this research is presented.

Dr. George Greer conducted over 100 therapeutic sessions with MDMA for 80 individuals from 1980 to 1985 with his psychiatric nurse wife, Requa Tolbert. He is a Distinguished Life Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association and Past President of the Psychiatric Medical Association of New Mexico. He was the Medical Director of the Heffter Research Institute from 1998 to 2017, when he became President. He is an investigator administering MDMA to therapists for the MAPS MDMA therapist training project in Santa Fe, NM.

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