Weed Actually: A Grower's Ultimate Christmas Fantasy

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“Seems to me that love is everywhere… Fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, husbands and wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, old friends.” That is one of the best lines in the movie Love Actually. Had it been a real cannabis-related film, though, the list would include weed and its grower. It would have also showcased that, like real relationships, cannabis cultivation needs time, care, and patience.

At the outset, the love is one-sided, with the grower doing all the giving and upkeep. As the plant matures, efforts become more arduous, requiring constant facetime and the strict maintenance of growth conditions. Once the cannabis begins to flower, however, it will start giving back, but only modestly at first. It will fill the grow area with its captivating fragrance, teasing and promising the grower that he will soon be collecting the fruits of his labor. With an assurance of a shining future, its bud swill pack on sparkly trichomes as they grow bigger and denser.

Once harvest comes, the grower will either be satisfied or consider other options. Questions will undoubtedly arise. Is this strain worth all the effort? What techniques should I still work on next time? Should I try a different variant for better results?

You see, growing cannabis is much like real relationships. It has its ups and downs; some pursuits may also fail. No matter what – just keep improving because weed love is one of those things that will give you the best experiences in life.

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